Happy Xmas

Hello there,

Just a quick message of Xmas cheer for you all. Check out these insane Santas (the one on the right is my favourite, he looks hard as nails).

There are more at this flickr feed;


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New New New


Hi there fine folks,

This is a little late in the telling, so please forgive me. My work is featured in
Zagreb's most excellent Komikaze.


I know I have a vested interest in saying, but honestly, believe me it's true, this is by far one of the best anthologies I've read in ages. Go get yourselves a copy, and be proud in the knowledge that your purchase has helped a worthy and noble publication.

It features the work of artists from around the world such as
Dunja Jankovic, Cody Brant and my personal buddy, the great Mr Paul O'Connell! All this and one of the most bitchingist covers ever.

Smoke Signal pt2

A couple of months ago I was included in the Brooklyn newspaper anthology Smoke Signal. It's a lovely comic published by Gabriel Fowler at Desert Island:


I understand that the newest issue should be hitting the stands this month. The last one was free for those that can get to Gabe's shop and other Brooklyn outlets. I know I'm going to do what I can to get my copy here in wintry Brighton.

Anyway here's the strip Gabe published. I thought since the new issue of SS is out soon I may as well share my strip from the last issue here.

A Good Man Knows His Proverbs

Hallo Dere,

The noble East End Arts Club is once again holding a Xmas show in the basement of Shoreditch's Town Hall. The space is absolutely amazing and the show is worth checking out just as an excuse to wonder around the labyrinth of rooms under the Hall.

The theme of the show is English Proverbs, I chose to illustrate that classic 'Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining', apt in these times of wind, rain and cold winter weather. There are many other great artists involved including, Rachel Eardley, Phillip Osbourne, and The guys from the ArtHouse;


(Phillip Osbourne) www.mista-mishto.blogspot.com


Here's a photo of my print insitu:

The work is a two colour screen print on mirrored card in an edition of 10. If you'd like to be the proud owner of one please feel free to email me.

The East End Arts Club show opens tomorrow night. feel free to pop along and have a look. Here's the flier with details.