From Me Sketchbook, See

I'm on Tumblr, still working it all out, but I'll be using it to show you guys some of my sketchbook, ohh I feel so exposed.

Here's the image from today's post.  And here's the link to the actual blog:

I'd like to link up all these blog's and twitters and facebooks etc. But trying to do it is making me feel old! If anyone has any handy hints, I'd be happy to hear them.

Post ELCAF Post

Would you look at all those people! Apparently 3000 bodies came out to gander at all the wonderful paper goods (and paper associated talks) that were on show yesterday at ELCAF! 

I had a really nice time, sharing a table with the very friendly and right honourable folks at Decadence. Having a coffee and comics chat with the Karrie Fransman, saying hiya to Alex Fitch, Hannah Berry, Seif Alhasani, Tom Humberstone and Luke Pearson and Rose Robbins amongst many others. As well as seeing the guys at Nobrow, who put on an absolute blinder of a show! 

There was so much great work to see, to be honest my wallet took a complete battering! I would also add that Joe Decie makes a very companionable traveling partner.


Here's a couple of close up of some of the art I'll have on me stand tomorrow at ELCAF!


An ode to ELCAF.

Here's a wee pic 
Of some the gear 
I'll be flogging at ELCAF 
This year
Yeh hear

Radio Ga Ga

Good god, 

I'm going to be on the radio. Sadly I can't remember what I said (there was a lot of beer consumed), the show airs at 8pm this evening on Resonance FM. Hosted by the charming Alex Fitch it goes by the monicker "Panel Borders" and can be heard here:

and then later, here:



There are lots of screen-printed covers on my sofa, must be getting ready for ELCAF!