Smoke and Mirrors


The super naturally talented Mr Paul O'Connell has recently published a collection of solo and collaborative strips in 'Smoke and Mirrors: A Sound of Drowning Miscellany' It includes two that I had the pleasure of providing the artwork for, 'Grandad' and 'Spring the Hair'. Paul was selling them at last Saturday's Comiket fair in London, if you missed out there then go get yourself a copy from his website.



Here's a strip Paul O'Connell and I made a while back. Paul provided the beautifully poignant words, and I did my best with the pics.

Duh Duh Draft Init

Hello out there,

I hope you're all well and if in the south of England, finding time to enjoy the tail end of the summer.

This past year I've been working hard on a long form narrative, a book if you will. I'm now into the third re-draft and I thought I'd share a few of the draft pages with you. I'm currently unsure what the finished thing will look like, I've made these pages as quickly as possible, placing the emphasis on moving the story forward, getting an idea down (pretty much the opposite of the laboured way I usually work). There is still some re-drafting to do before any final aesthetic concerns need to be worried about though.

The working title is '311 Ditchling Road'. In an attempt to build on my previous work, this story is based on events from my childhood however unlike other stories I've made this one is semi fictionalised.

In other news, you can hear me talking with my compadres Sean Duffield and Ben Naylor at the Imperial War Museum over at Alex Fitch's Panel Boaders podcast. You can also listen to a recording of my good friend David Blandy talking about his film 'Child of the Atom' to that great cartoonist Mikkel Sommer. It's all available here: panelborders

Here's me, second from the left, with Ben Naylor, Sean Duffield, Francesca Cassavetti and Eileen Cassavetti listening intently to Alex Fitch.

And finally if you're in the Brighton area on Monday pop by the Black lion pub and hear Gary and Warren Pleece talk about their new work at the Cartoon County meeting, more info here: Cartoon County


Buzz Buzz


Through the post today I recieved a copy of Hive issue five! It made me very happy. The publisher Grimalkin Press (Jordan Shiveley) have done a totally outstanding job on getting the book together, from the perfectly balanced greyscale interior to the hand printed dust jacket. In short it is a touch of class.

I'm very proud to have my work represented between it's well crafted covers. I'm accompanied by my friends and fellow travelers Mr Paul O'Connell and Monsieur Lawrence Elwick. But there are also a wealth of other great cartoonists who have contributed to the book. I'm excited by the prospect of reading the work of those I know and getting the chance to meet some of the artists I've not yet read.

Gimalkin Press you rock, you awesome cat you.

May the Drunk Drawn Begin

Mark says he's had 'about one lager and a quarter bottle of Talisker' and I've had four lagers. Lager, lager, lager. Let drunk drawn begin!

Tweet Tweet

Here's a pattern of birds and birds eggs.

All The Dogs

This little strip was published in last years Solipsistic Pop 3. The next issue of SP looks to be a good one, it has a great contributors list and very ambitious plans regards to printing.

The publisher, Tom Humberstone has set up an indiegogo page for people who are interested in helping him realise his plans. If you'd like to contribute to making what I'm sure will be an excellent publiction happen then follow this link to find out more:

Comics and Conflicts

Hi there,

This coming Saturday I'll be at the Comics & Conflicts event at the Imperial War Museum. The event looks like it'll be a doozie; there's a conference on Friday 19th and loads of events on Saturday 20th.  I'll be on a panel with fellow travellers Sean Duffield and Ben Naylor at 2pm. Chaired by the great Alex Fitch we'll be talking about the anthology War: The Human Cost (published by Sean's Paper Tiger). And word has it that Francesca Cassavetti is going to bring along her mother who kept a diary during the war - Francesca created a beautiful comic based on this. Earlier in the day my old mucker David Blandy will be talking about his recent film 'Child of the Atom'.

Info from Alex Fitch at / ticktes at: (scroll down to find tickets for individual events)

Article and links from Paul Gravett here:

On High Alert

A Fella Acapella

Space Shuttle

A very quick homage to the good ship Atlantis that landed at Kennedy Space Center at 11am this morning. When I was a kid I thought the Space shuttle was about the coolest thing ever. Have you ever seen the Russian shuttle? It's like the bizzaro version.

Pencil Case

Comics & Conflict

Ahoy there,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'll be on one of the panels at the Comica Comics and Conflict event in August. I'll be on a panel with my compardre Sean Duffield and Ben Naylor and Francesca Cassavetti, chaired by Alex Fitch.

It should be interesting, I'm looking forward to it.


Adelante II!

New print! Yes. A2, two colour screenprint. The first of a new batch, avaiable to purchase via a simple email to my good-self:

Hope you's all good yeh.


Paper Tiger

Hello there,

My strip 'George Watts' is featured in the excellent 'War: The Human Cost' anthology from Paper Tiger. The story shares space with some pretty amazing cartoonists; the wonderful Lawrence Elwick and Sean Duffield, the pretty awesome Paul O'Connell and the magnificent Dan Hansen as well as the likes of Spain Rodriguez, Steve Bell and the eminent Dr Parsons (aka James Parsons).

£1 of every sale goes to Campaign Against the Arms Trade, and every issue comes with a CD of massive music! Yes! The books can be purchased at the Paper Tiger site (see the link).

Kick the Can

I've been playing around with how I approach drawing and making images recently. This is one of a new batch of stuff that has come out of my experiments. I'll post some of the more substantial drawings in the coming weeks. 

Does anyone know what the hell happened to the summer?

La la la!

I have a profile on Lambiet!



Ahoy there,

Old news, new news, its all news to me!

My work is to featured in the up coming issue of Hive! Hurrah! It's a great anthology published by Jordan Shiveley (who as those that read the comics comics comments will know, once had an encounter with the modern marvel that is Vin Diesal!)

This issue looks to be a doozey, it'll showcase the work of that much lorded cartoonist Noah Van Sciver as well as that of my close compardres Lawrence Elwick and Saint Paul O'Connell the Patient (I owe him some work!) AND! And! It's available to pre-order now! Now, I say! Where? You say. Here, I say, here!

In other news those of you in France, in Angoleme, can buy my short and mini, mini comic, 'Jean-Pierre the Wolf Boy' from this vending machine:

This project is the brain child of Lisa Lugrin and Clément Xavier at Na Editions. The guys that publish the wonderful L'episode. If you're on the continent and know where to buy it and haven't already, go get it.

If you're in London go and seek out a copy of the Stool Pigeon. Its packed with good music journalism and a comics section that puts a lot of comics devoted publications to shame. I particularly liked Krent Able's strip this month. There's a review of it here with nice previews.

And finally, here's an old picture of me with some beautiful human types:

If you are lucky enough to know people as lovely as Lawrence, Paul and Sean, then you are lucky indeed.