Happy Xmas

Hello there,

Just a quick message of Xmas cheer for you all. Check out these insane Santas (the one on the right is my favourite, he looks hard as nails).

There are more at this flickr feed;


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New New New


Hi there fine folks,

This is a little late in the telling, so please forgive me. My work is featured in
Zagreb's most excellent Komikaze.


I know I have a vested interest in saying, but honestly, believe me it's true, this is by far one of the best anthologies I've read in ages. Go get yourselves a copy, and be proud in the knowledge that your purchase has helped a worthy and noble publication.

It features the work of artists from around the world such as
Dunja Jankovic, Cody Brant and my personal buddy, the great Mr Paul O'Connell! All this and one of the most bitchingist covers ever.

Smoke Signal pt2

A couple of months ago I was included in the Brooklyn newspaper anthology Smoke Signal. It's a lovely comic published by Gabriel Fowler at Desert Island:


I understand that the newest issue should be hitting the stands this month. The last one was free for those that can get to Gabe's shop and other Brooklyn outlets. I know I'm going to do what I can to get my copy here in wintry Brighton.

Anyway here's the strip Gabe published. I thought since the new issue of SS is out soon I may as well share my strip from the last issue here.

A Good Man Knows His Proverbs

Hallo Dere,

The noble East End Arts Club is once again holding a Xmas show in the basement of Shoreditch's Town Hall. The space is absolutely amazing and the show is worth checking out just as an excuse to wonder around the labyrinth of rooms under the Hall.

The theme of the show is English Proverbs, I chose to illustrate that classic 'Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining', apt in these times of wind, rain and cold winter weather. There are many other great artists involved including, Rachel Eardley, Phillip Osbourne, and The guys from the ArtHouse;


(Phillip Osbourne) www.mista-mishto.blogspot.com


Here's a photo of my print insitu:

The work is a two colour screen print on mirrored card in an edition of 10. If you'd like to be the proud owner of one please feel free to email me.

The East End Arts Club show opens tomorrow night. feel free to pop along and have a look. Here's the flier with details.

Those Dead Dead Eyes

Helloee there,

This is a little illustration I did for the up coming issue of Electric Sheep magazine.
This is the one they went with for publication but I also made a more colourful one (below) that I rather like, I know its sort of ugly, but I like it anyway.

The strip below is a review of Jose Marins' work that I made for Electric Sheep earlier in the year. The magazine has been and gone from the stands for some time so I thought I'd publish my humble contribution here for those of you who are interested.

Wo Wo Wohaa!

Oh yes my friends the rumours are in indeed true: issue one of the much awaited Solipsistic Pop is available to purchase now! I have a strip of my own in the hallowed book entitled 'Spring '09', and my work is also featured in collaboration with Richard Cowdry on our gag strip 'Somersault'.

Here's the link www.solipsisticpop.com/shop/

There is an exhibition of work by some of the artists involved at the Orbital Comics Gallery in London and I heartly recommend you check out.


The book was launched on Sunday the 8th at the ICA Comiket, it was a great day with much fun had.

One week later to the day my baby was born, and she is indeed a little girl (relevant for those of you who have already read the strip). I'm feeling very tried now, but also quite loved up, so I'm going to go and do the washing up.

How Cool Is This!?


Puff Poff Puff




Mee On TeeVee

Here I am as bold as brass and large as life with 'Contributor Sam' on the reality TV show 'Dating In The Dark'. The show aired on British TV tonight for the first time, and was great fun.

I was on screen for all of 2 seconds along with my fellow 'Sketch Artists' Sarah Woodburn, Morgan Tipping and Hayley Bowen. So that's two seconds off my allotted 15 minutes fame
, leaving, by my calculations 14 minutes 58 seconds...


Electric Sheep Magazine

Boy Oh Boy,

I got the new Electric Sheep Magazine through the post yesterday. It has a comic strip review of the work of Jose Marins by me and here's what it looks like in print. Go git yo'selves and copy quick.

Hope you're all doing fine and dandy.

A Couple o' Drawins

Hello out there,

Here are a couple of new drawings I've done. The first is a self portrait made for the website to Solipsistic Pop (www.solipsisticpop.com). Solipsistic Pop is the title of an up coming anthology from the man behind Art School Scum, Tom Humberstone. It promises to be a good book. In the next few days sample pages should appear on its website, so keep looking for sneeky previews.

The other drawing posted here is one I made to mark the 30th birthday of my very dear friend Jack Southern (www.firestation-artists.org.uk/artists/current/jacksouthern/).

News News News New Stuff

Hello there fellow travellers,

These past couple of months have been crazy busy. I've been working on a lot of interesting projects from comic strip film reviews to appearing on a TV show. Here's a few of the images made and links to the projects themselves.

The panels above are taken from a strip I illustrated for Paul O'Connell called 'Grandad'. It features along side other great stories by Paul and other creators (such as my good friends Lawrence Elwick and Richard Cowdry, check out the links bar below) in issue 6 of the Australian anthology of short fiction Torpedo.

Here's the link:


And here's what the cover looks like:

As well as the strip I worked on with Paul I have a slightly longer piece all my own work. It's called 'No Word Of a Lie'.

This image is taken from a comic strip review I was asked to make by the good people at Electric Sheep Magazine. The brief was to review a boxset of DVD's by Brazilian Director Jose Marins AKA Coffin Joe.

Marins is a horror director and being a bit of a wimp I don't often like horror films. Having said that, after sitting through eight of his movies I ended up enjoying them. He is a completely mad individual who made movies that are unlike or predate anything I've seen before. Check them out.

Here's a link to the magazine:

And here's one to the boxset:


The image above
has been taken from a 12 panel strip that will be included in the up coming issue 2 of Brooklyn's Comics Newspaper Smoke Signal. I'm thrilled to be in this comic, it will include the work of some of my favourite artists, people like Leon Sadler, Gabrielle Bell, Dash Shaw, Matthew Thurber, Ron Regé Jr. There are so many more. I can't wait to read it myself.

Here's a review of the first Smoke Signal:


This is the ident to the U.S version of the Endomol TV show I've been working on for Living TV in the UK. I'll write further about it in a few days time.

I hope you are well and thriving.

The Alternative Press Fair MkII


Just a quickie to let you know that I'll be selling my work tomorrow at the Alternative Press Fair.
Here's all he info:

Some Stuff What I Done

Hello there,

Here's some news about to what I've been up to lately.

Richard Cowdry (see Love the Line in the links bar at the bottom of this page) and in have been working on a weekly comic strip. It's called 'Somersault' and the kind people at Forbidden Planet International have seen fit to publish it on their blog every Tuesday.

Here's the link: http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2009/07/turning-somersaults/

For the past few weeks my work has been serialized over at Blurred Books (www.blurredbooks.com) by the charming Kevin Mutch (you can see his own nice comics on the same site, as well as a couple of bits by the fabulous Mr O'Connell) I'm really excited about being part of this project, they've had some great work there in the past and it's cool to make my own humble contribution.

This one's a little late in the reporting, but here it is none the less; I have this illustration in the current edition of Electric Sheep Magazine (www.electricsheepmagazine.co.uk).

I highly recommend this publication to those of you who love films. The thing is lavishly illustrated and full to the brim with intelligent articles.

And finally I had a couple of books for sale at the Tokyo Zine's Mate last month. I couldn't go but having seen the photo's since I really wish I'd just sold a kidney or something to afford the air fair. It looks as though it was really nicely staged and full of interesting work.

Banal Pig Landscape Anthology

Hi there,

The Lovely Steve at Banal Pig has given me the heads up on where to get hold of copies of the brilliant Landscape anthology he's published. It includes work by lots of great artists including a really good piece by my friend Paul O'connell of Sound of Drowning fame. Go get yo' selfs a copy now!


Have a good day now,


Aliens, Ghosts and Real Scarey Stuff!

Why hello there,

Here's a couple of stories I did for two fine projects earlier this year. The first was made for Steve Tillotson's excellent The Banal Pig Landscape Anthology (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_2&listing_id=26232860).

And the second strip was made for the Polish anthology New British Comics.

P.S. Click on the images to make them bigger!

Green Sea Days

Hi There,

I'm sorry for the lack of postings of late. The truth is that I've been really busy working on new projects. So in a little bit I'll have lots of news for you, and lots of new things to point at and show you.

For the time being I thought I'd publish the content of the strange but beautiful little project I completed earlier this year with Paul O'Connell, Green sea Days. Paul and I are almost out of the toblerone/scroll bound comics we made this into so we agreed that its time to put it on the net. I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to purchase a paper copy I still have a couple and would be more than happy to post one of them off to you.

A Fair to Remember

What a great day the Alternative Press Fair was!

In the picture above, from left to right; Leon Sadler (find his stuff in the links at the bottom of the page under Famicon Express), Me, and Hannah Glickstein of Skinny Bill fame.

Lots of books were sold to lots of lovely people, and nice conversations were had. My hat off to the very organized and charming Peter Lally, Jimi Gherkin and Rich Cowdry.

I only wish I had known in advance about the snow storm; I would never have rushed off home and instead stayed to enjoy the evening fun. Oh well, at least during the three hour car journey home I had the famous Dr Parson's (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=26649732), the celebratic (I think that's a new word I've invented to mean, 'to have celebrity') Sean Duffield (www.dirtysquatters.com/papertiger/), the soon to be famous Hannah Eaton, and the lovely Jaz to keep me company.

Alternative Press Fair Tomorrow In London!

Hello out there.

Tomorrow I will be selling my wares at the exciting Alternative Press Fair, organised by Jimi Gherkin (http://comicsandzines.wordpress.com/), Peter Lally and Richard Cowdry (http://bedsitjournal.com/).

Here's a link to a site with detail's of how to get there and where it is! If you're near Euston Square around midday tomorrow, pop by and say hi.