Graphically Printed Material

'A Graphic Cosmogony' is being sold at my local comics shop Dave's, on Sydney Street in Brighton. I've been going there since I was 10 years old so it's a real blast to see a book with my work in it in the window and prominently displayed in store.

By way of crying out a joyful hurrah to the universe about my inclusion in GraCos I've made this screen print based on a panel from my contribution and the fine folks at Dave's have agreed to sell it for the Xmas period (£40 unframed).

If you are interested drop them a line, or even better go check out the store, it's a nice shop and very well stocked for back issues, graphic novels, mainstream or small press.

The Open Day Book

Ahoy there Seafarers,

Last year not long before my first born was born I was contacted by David P. Earle, an artist and all round good guy from The City fo Angels in the U.S. of A. He invited me to be part of a project he was working on entitled The Open Day Book. After describing the endeavour he asked if I would like to contribute a drawing, I said,

"Would I!"

Meaning, yes, I would.

Today that project has reach fulfilment. Here's the press release;
The Open Day Book serves as a perpetual calendar that can be used in a traditional manner, but also lets you interact with the work of more than 300 of today's most captivating artists, all of whom have visually responded to a day of the year.

The design of every dated page allows users to fill in their schedule or respond artistically to the work on the page, engaging with the artists and their work. The over 300 contributing artists have all created work especially for this book that is designed to be used as a daily journal, sketch book or admired as an art book.

Some of my favourite Artists have contributed images to this project, people such as C.F. Miranda July, Genevieve Castree (whose piece can be seen below), Jordan Crane, Anders Nilson, and Dash Shaw to name only a few few. Seriously the book is bursting with incredible work. 

Here's some pictures of it:

Note the amazing cover by David Earle himself. My work can be seen in the above image on the left hand page.