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Here's a pattern of birds and birds eggs.

All The Dogs

This little strip was published in last years Solipsistic Pop 3. The next issue of SP looks to be a good one, it has a great contributors list and very ambitious plans regards to printing.

The publisher, Tom Humberstone has set up an indiegogo page for people who are interested in helping him realise his plans. If you'd like to contribute to making what I'm sure will be an excellent publiction happen then follow this link to find out more:

Comics and Conflicts

Hi there,

This coming Saturday I'll be at the Comics & Conflicts event at the Imperial War Museum. The event looks like it'll be a doozie; there's a conference on Friday 19th and loads of events on Saturday 20th.  I'll be on a panel with fellow travellers Sean Duffield and Ben Naylor at 2pm. Chaired by the great Alex Fitch we'll be talking about the anthology War: The Human Cost (published by Sean's Paper Tiger). And word has it that Francesca Cassavetti is going to bring along her mother who kept a diary during the war - Francesca created a beautiful comic based on this. Earlier in the day my old mucker David Blandy will be talking about his recent film 'Child of the Atom'.

Info from Alex Fitch at / ticktes at: (scroll down to find tickets for individual events)

Article and links from Paul Gravett here:

On High Alert