Hey, That's My Bear!

The above image of the Polar Bear in blue ink was chosen by the fine folk at the Guardian Guide to advertise the most excellent Alternative Press Fair yesterday. I made the drawing at the request of Jimi Gerkin, one of the organizers of the fair and he, in turn sent it out with his press release.

The fair itself was great. I was selling my wares along side Dr Parsons (www.crazycomicclub.co.uk) and Lucy Porter (www.myspace.com/lucyporter), two very fine cartoonists who both brought along new works that I'm sure can be purchased through their respective online contact portholes.

Here's to the guys that put the event on (www.alternativepress.org.uk) and to those that came and enjoyed it, Hurrah!

APF This Saturday

Hello Friends,

A very quick post to let you know about the Alternative Press Fair this Saturday. I'll be there sharing a table with the great Dr Parsons and selling my humble offering, Pneuma, (pictured below).

Spring the Hare

Hello, I hope you are well.

I thought I'd share
this little strip I made in collaboration with Paul O'Connell of The Sound of Drowning. I made the images for this cartoon at least 2 years ago, they where part of an experiment in which I started drawing without having a script to work from.

I had hoped that the script would follow the images, in some others case's this worked out and I was left with a finished piece. But for this strip
I just couldn't think of the words, it never got finished, and eventually I forgot all about it. I rediscovered it early last month while having a new year clean out of my studio. I handed it over to Paul and he worked his dark magic on it.