The Comix Reader is in house people! 

That scholar and gentleman Richard Cowdry dropped them off at my gaff when I was at work today. I can hereby comfirm that it looks f**king awesome. Here's some pictures:

My work, on the left ably accompanied by the work of Kat Kon.

The comic is full to brimming with lots of brilliant stuff by the likes of Lawrence Elwick, Paul O'Connell, Steve Tilotson, Gareth Brookes, Hurk, Pete Lally and of course Rich Cowdry. 

I'll have a stack on my table at the Alternative Press Fair this Sunday, but I'm also flogging them here for £1ppp or $1.50ppp, just drop me an email.

Take care now and stay warm.

Cosmically AWESOME!


A few months ago the lovely people at Nobrow invited me to contribute a piece to their anthology of stories based on creation myths. 

I was totally chuffed to pieces to be asked. Nobrow has been producing some of the sweetest comics and art books I've seen lately, their roster of artists features some of my favourite illustrators around at the moment. Basically, I'm really excited to be part of A Graphic Cosmogony

It's out now on the Nobrow site and has been showcased on Drawn! I can't wait to see the thing for myself! I mean just look at that cover!

Alternative Press Fair This Sunday

It's that time of year again, I'll be there with my friends, Dr Parsons and Sean Duffield. In my humble opinion this is the most fun fair, I'm looking forward to it and hope to see you there.

Nice poster, art by Martyn Warren.

Solipsistic Pop Three I Tells Yeh!

 My work has the honour of being included in the latest issue of Solipsistic Pop!

The book was launched last Friday at the Black Heart in Camden, and editor Tom Humberstone will be at Thought Bubble this weekend, if you're in the Leeds area be sure to pop by and say hi. I hear that lots of good stuff will be there, including the We Are Words and Pictures peeps, and Steve Tilotson and his Banal Pig, to name but a few.

Here's the link for the festival,

And here's a detail from my contribution: